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League of Legends Urgot Top Lane Guide - Patch 8.5 Global 5v5 - [PROVISIONAL][BRONZE][SILVER][GOLD][PLATINUM][DIAMOND][MASTER][CHALLENGER]

Best Item Build Order, Summoner Spells, Runes Reforged, Counterpicks, Synergies, Statistics, and Tier Data for Summoner's Rift
Best Spells
Best Starting Items
Health Potion
Doran's Blade
Doran's Shield
Warding Totem (Trinket)
Best Item Build Order
Ninja Tabi
The Black Cleaver
Farsight Alteration
Frozen Mallet
Righteous Glory
Spirit Visage
Best Skill Order
Corrosive Charge
Fear Beyond Death
Best Runes Reforged
Urgot has a disadvantage (under 49% win rate) against:
Urgot goes even (49% - 51% win rate) against:
Volibear, the Thunder's Roar
Riven, the Exile
Singed, the Mad Chemist
Swain, the Noxian Grand General
Nasus, the Curator of the Sands
Garen, The Might of Demacia
Maokai, the Twisted Treant
Yasuo, the Unforgiven
Camille, the Steel Shadow
Urgot goes even (49% - 51% win rate) when teamed with:
Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths
Alistar, the Minotaur
Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper
Vayne, the Night Hunter
Camille, the Steel Shadow
Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox
Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight
Brand, the Burning Vengeance
Malzahar, the Prophet of the Void
Varus, the Arrow of Retribution
Viktor, the Machine Herald
Tahm Kench, the River King
Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem
Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant
Ornn, The Fire below the Mountain
Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
Tryndamere, the Barbarian King
Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void
Xin Zhao, the Seneschal of Demacia
Zed, the Master of Shadows
Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer
Lux, the Lady of Luminosity
Azir, the Emperor of the Sands
Kassadin, the Void Walker
Lulu, the Fae Sorceress
Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance
Thresh, the Chain Warden
Katarina, the Sinister Blade
Rakan, The Charmer
Nidalee, the Bestial Huntress
Hecarim, the Shadow of War
Karthus, the Deathsinger
Morgana, Fallen Angel
Twisted Fate, the Card Master
Rengar, the Pridestalker
Zyra, Rise of the Thorns

New in Patch 8.5

Mordekaiser, the Iron RevenantADCMordekaiser56.62
Sion, The Undead JuggernautMIDSion56.13
Singed, the Mad ChemistMIDSinged54.06
Kai'Sa, Daughter of the VoidADCKai'Sa53.08
Rakan, The CharmerMIDRakan49.74
Malzahar, the Prophet of the VoidTOPMalzahar49.18
Veigar, the Tiny Master of EvilTOPVeigar48.14
Tryndamere, the Barbarian KingMIDTryndamere44.63
Aurelion Sol, The Star ForgerTOPAurelion Sol43.39
Ezreal, the Prodigal ExplorerMIDEzreal39.81

Top Patch 8.5 Increases

Nocturne, the Eternal NightmareJNGNocturne+27.02
Olaf, the BerserkerJNGOlaf+21.93
Jhin, the VirtuosoADCJhin+21.93
Zoe, the Aspect of TwilightMIDZoe+19.29
Caitlyn, the Sheriff of PiltoverADCCaitlyn+18.22
Lucian, the PurifierMIDLucian+17.64
Nunu, the Yeti RiderTOPNunu+16.91
Swain, the Noxian Grand GeneralMIDSwain+16.39
Lux, the Lady of LuminosityMIDLux+12.16
Gragas, the Rabble RouserMIDGragas+11.74

Top Patch 8.5 Decreases

Tristana, the Yordle GunnerADCTristana-24.28
Rengar, the PridestalkerJNGRengar-19.96
Trundle, the Troll KingSUPTrundle-14.24
Vayne, the Night HunterADCVayne-13.69
Viktor, the Machine HeraldMIDViktor-12.51
Nunu, the Yeti RiderSUPNunu-11.68
Nasus, the Curator of the SandsTOPNasus-11.44
Azir, the Emperor of the SandsMIDAzir-11.20
Cassiopeia, the Serpent's EmbraceTOPCassiopeia-9.89
Elise, the Spider QueenJNGElise-9.51

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