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League of Legends Brand Support Guide - Patch 8.12 NA 5v5 - [PROVISIONAL][BRONZE][SILVER][GOLD][PLATINUM][DIAMOND][MASTER][CHALLENGER]

Best Item Build Order, Summoner Spells, Runes Reforged, Counterpicks, Synergies, Statistics, and Tier Data for Summoner's Rift
Best Spells
Best Starting Items
Health Potion
Spellthief's Edge
Refillable Potion
Warding Totem (Trinket)
Best Item Build Order
Sorcerer's Shoes
Remnant of the Watchers
Luden's Echo
Farsight Alteration
Liandry's Torment
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Best Skill Order
Pillar of Flame
Best Runes Reforged
Brand has a disadvantage (under 49% win rate) against:
Brand goes even (49% - 51% win rate) against:
Jhin, the Virtuoso
Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter
Irelia, the Blade Dancer
Ornn, The Fire below the Mountain
Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil
Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom
Karma, the Enlightened One
Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void
Brand goes even (49% - 51% win rate) when teamed with:
Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight
Rengar, the Pridestalker
Graves, the Outlaw
Camille, the Steel Shadow
Xin Zhao, the Seneschal of Demacia
Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant
Xerath, the Magus Ascendant
Ryze, the Rune Mage
Twisted Fate, the Card Master
Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper
Kha'Zix, the Voidreaver
Renekton, the Butcher of the Sands
Sion, The Undead Juggernaut
Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper
Sivir, the Battle Mistress
Cho'Gath, the Terror of the Void
Galio, the Colossus
Rengar, the Pridestalker
Xerath, the Magus Ascendant
Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer
Shen, the Eye of Twilight
Sejuani, Fury of the North
Zac, the Secret Weapon
Kennen, the Heart of the Tempest
Nunu, the Yeti Rider
Twitch, the Plague Rat
Rek'Sai, the Void Burrower
Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover
Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper
Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper
Malphite, Shard of the Monolith

New in Patch 8.12

Brand, the Burning VengeanceADCBrand58.34
Wukong, the Monkey KingMIDWukong53.53
Ivern, the Green FatherSUPIvern52.68
Xerath, the Magus AscendantADCXerath51.57
Kayle, The JudicatorADCKayle47.99
Annie, the Dark ChildADCAnnie47.66
Swain, the Noxian Grand GeneralADCSwain47.10
Irelia, the Blade DancerADCIrelia46.96
Heimerdinger, the Revered InventorADCHeimerdinger46.51
Veigar, the Tiny Master of EvilADCVeigar46.43

Top Patch 8.12 Increases

Nidalee, the Bestial HuntressMIDNidalee+29.28
Yasuo, the UnforgivenADCYasuo+23.42
Master Yi, the Wuju BladesmanJNGMaster Yi+21.47
Darius, the Hand of NoxusTOPDarius+16.57
Garen, The Might of DemaciaTOPGaren+15.42
Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of DoomSUPFiddlesticks+14.68
Blitzcrank, the Great Steam GolemSUPBlitzcrank+13.17
Kindred, The Eternal HuntersJNGKindred+12.59
Annie, the Dark ChildSUPAnnie+12.17
Quinn, Demacia's WingsADCQuinn+12.17

Top Patch 8.12 Decreases

Kayle, The JudicatorSUPKayle-29.93
Kai'Sa, Daughter of the VoidADCKai'Sa-22.08
Anivia, the CryophoenixSUPAnivia-16.18
Volibear, the Thunder's RoarSUPVolibear-12.67
Karma, the Enlightened OneMIDKarma-12.65
Ryze, the Rune MageTOPRyze-12.35
Aatrox, the Darkin BladeMIDAatrox-11.37
Lulu, the Fae SorceressSUPLulu-11.09
Ornn, The Fire below the MountainTOPOrnn-10.75
Janna, the Storm's FurySUPJanna-9.78

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