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Statistically generated Tier List for Summoner's Rift. Champions are placed in tiers based on scores which are calculated based on several factors, including win rates, ban rates, pick rates, and KDA ratios

New in Patch 7.16

Taliyah, the StoneweaverSUPTaliyah44.32
Garen, The Might of DemaciaMIDGaren34.02
Nunu, the Yeti RiderTOPNunu27.36

Top Patch 7.16 Increases

Sejuani, Fury of the NorthJNGSejuani+15.73
Twitch, the Plague RatADCTwitch+15.59
Diana, Scorn of the MoonTOPDiana+14.47
Zyra, Rise of the ThornsMIDZyra+12.96
Kog'Maw, the Mouth of the AbyssADCKog'Maw+12.48
Janna, the Storm's FurySUPJanna+12.41
Tristana, the Yordle GunnerADCTristana+12.06
Gnar, the Missing LinkTOPGnar+12.04
Ashe, the Frost ArcherADCAshe+11.94
Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of DemaciaJNGJarvan IV+10.90

Top Patch 7.16 Decreases

Jhin, the VirtuosoADCJhin-28.79
Urgot, the DreadnoughtTOPUrgot-25.27
Caitlyn, the Sheriff of PiltoverADCCaitlyn-20.25
LeBlanc, the DeceiverMIDLeBlanc-19.17
Thresh, the Chain WardenSUPThresh-18.06
Nidalee, the Bestial HuntressSUPNidalee-16.45
Ryze, the Rune MageMIDRyze-13.29
Tryndamere, the Barbarian KingJNGTryndamere-13.16
Corki, the Daring BombardierMIDCorki-12.67
Orianna, the Lady of ClockworkMIDOrianna-12.37

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