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Malzahar 3v3 Build Guide Patch 8.14


Statistically Generated Best Item Build Order, Summoner Spells, Runes Reforged, Skill Order, Counters, Synergies, Statistics, and Tier Data for Malzahar on The Twisted Treeline across All Regions
Best Spells
Best Starting Items
Health Potion
Doran's Ring
Boots of Speed
Best Item Build Order
Luden's Echo
Sorcerer's Shoes
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Liandry's Torment
Void Staff
Best Skill Order
Void Shift
Call of the Void
Void Swarm
Malefic Visions
Nether Grasp
Best Runes Reforged
Malzahar goes even (49% - 51% win rate) against:
Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert
Darius, the Hand of Noxus
Gragas, the Rabble Rouser
Dr. Mundo, the Madman of Zaun
Wukong, the Monkey King
Kayn, the Shadow Reaper
Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer
Lucian, the Purifier
Maokai, the Twisted Treant
Alistar, the Minotaur
Aurelion Sol, The Star Forger
Corki, the Daring Bombardier
Kassadin, the Void Walker
Kennen, the Heart of the Tempest
Malzahar, the Prophet of the Void
Syndra, the Dark Sovereign
Urgot, the Dreadnought
Viktor, the Machine Herald
Yorick, Shepherd of Souls
Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void
Trundle, the Troll King
Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper
Malzahar goes even (49% - 51% win rate) when teamed with:
Lux, the Lady of Luminosity
Amumu, the Sad Mummy
Dr. Mundo, the Madman of Zaun
Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox
Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier
Lulu, the Fae Sorceress
Ryze, the Rune Mage
Shen, the Eye of Twilight
Sona, Maven of the Strings
Soraka, the Starchild
Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void
Zilean, the Chronokeeper
Olaf, the Berserker
Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman
Tahm Kench, the River King
Patch 8.14 Trends
Evelynn, Agony's EmbraceEvelynn+10.43
Miss Fortune, the Bounty HunterMiss Fortune+10.18
Kog'Maw, the Mouth of the AbyssKog'Maw+8.79
Ahri, the Nine-Tailed FoxAhri+8.67
Blitzcrank, the Great Steam GolemBlitzcrank+8.66
Varus, the Arrow of RetributionVarus+7.89
Rek'Sai, the Void BurrowerRek'Sai+7.78
Vi, the Piltover EnforcerVi+7.33
Shaco, the Demon JesterShaco+7.30
Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of DoomFiddlesticks+6.48

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