TFT Augment Stats Set 7.5 Patch 12.18 OCE

We've compiled all of the available information, stats, and data on every augment in the League of Legends game Teamfight Tactics Set 7.5: Uncharted Realms. Use the table below to view the following for each augment: score, trends, average placement, top 4 rate, win rate, and pick rate. Quickly visualize how the augments stack up against each other to help make the best decision on in-game purchases and give yourself an advantage during TFT games.

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All RanksAll Ranks
AugmentTierScoreTrendAvg PlaceTop 4 %Win %Pick %
AFKAFK Not Placed0.00
AFKAFK Good / A49.96-2.104.3752.89%13.73%1.30%
Age of DragonsAge of Dragons Fair / B45.94+1.604.4649.98%12.63%0.86%
Ancient Archives IAncient Archives I Strong / S60.60-0.584.6147.33%11.89%12.53%
Ancient Archives IIAncient Archives II Fair / B47.23+1.484.5848.60%11.74%3.25%
AscensionAscension God / S+64.67+1.934.3652.39%12.94%11.93%
Assassin CrownAssassin Crown Fair / B46.38+2.144.2156.01%10.86%0.23%
Assassin HeartAssassin Heart Bad / D28.97-3.604.9941.40%5.56%0.47%
Axiom Arc IAxiom Arc I Good / A55.35+4.324.5847.75%13.07%7.70%
Axiom Arc IIAxiom Arc II Strong / S61.53+7.274.5548.42%14.38%10.24%
Band of Thieves IBand of Thieves I God / S+65.08+5.264.1157.43%15.20%7.60%
Band of Thieves IIBand of Thieves II Fair / B45.18+0.624.3952.27%10.38%1.65%
Base CampBase Camp Good / A54.61-7.464.0559.03%14.02%1.14%
Battlemage IBattlemage I Weak / C41.80-4.714.7345.27%10.05%2.81%
Battlemage IIBattlemage II Fair / B46.17-1.454.5949.07%10.66%3.57%
Battlemage IIIBattlemage III Bad / D35.34-3.934.8043.73%8.33%0.84%
Beast's DenBeast's Den Good / A54.99+1.314.0458.40%14.70%0.83%
Best Friends IBest Friends I Fair / B47.13-3.264.4350.75%11.16%2.74%
Best Friends IIBest Friends II Good / A53.43-0.204.2853.99%12.98%3.72%
Best Friends IIIBest Friends III Weak / C42.37-5.254.4850.44%10.16%0.80%
Better TogetherBetter Together God / S+73.83+8.084.0258.89%18.18%9.74%
Big Friend IBig Friend I Fair / B45.17-4.824.3950.99%11.91%0.52%
Big Friend IIBig Friend II Good / A54.02-5.964.1655.85%14.77%1.36%
Binary AirdropBinary Airdrop Good / A52.02+0.094.1656.53%13.68%0.90%
Birthday PresentBirthday Present Weak / C39.22-1.624.7144.76%10.50%0.71%
Blue Battery IBlue Battery I God / S+67.10+11.784.1456.20%17.20%7.47%
Blue Battery IIBlue Battery II Strong / S58.64+9.384.1357.37%16.13%2.59%
Bruiser CrestBruiser Crest Weak / C42.82+0.004.3952.61%9.09%1.22%
Bruiser CrownBruiser Crown Fair / B44.54+1.644.2555.26%9.88%0.34%
Bruiser HeartBruiser Heart Fair / B46.48-2.224.3053.68%10.99%1.16%
Built Different IBuilt Different I Fair / B48.70+1.114.3950.95%14.27%0.45%
Built Different IIBuilt Different II Strong / S58.53-0.803.9759.15%16.73%0.71%
Built Different IIIBuilt Different III Strong / S60.47+4.143.9161.66%17.44%0.29%
Calculated LossCalculated Loss Good / A49.43+2.454.3852.50%13.88%0.97%
Cannoneer CrestCannoneer Crest Bad / D29.90-21.405.0140.36%5.42%1.59%
Cannoneer CrownCannoneer Crown Bad / D29.54-10.814.9142.01%5.60%0.41%
Cannoneer HeartCannoneer Heart Bad / D30.12-15.855.0239.99%6.09%1.20%
Cavalier CrestCavalier Crest Good / A50.08-5.714.2456.30%10.76%2.82%
Cavalier CrownCavalier Crown Good / A51.84-4.774.0659.80%12.54%0.60%
Cavalier HeartCavalier Heart Fair / B46.00-2.104.4352.29%10.78%1.91%
Cavalier UnityCavalier Unity Weak / C42.75-6.764.4750.73%10.59%0.54%
Celestial Blessing ICelestial Blessing I God / S+66.61+4.784.2654.58%14.75%10.48%
Celestial Blessing IICelestial Blessing II God / S+77.58+4.864.1556.58%15.60%15.95%
Celestial Blessing IIICelestial Blessing III Strong / S62.03+1.414.0657.98%16.82%3.71%
Clear MindClear Mind Good / A55.25+7.874.1856.32%15.85%0.96%
Cluttered MindCluttered Mind Good / A54.66-2.394.3051.95%16.63%1.63%
Combat TrainingCombat Training Fair / B44.01-2.894.5948.27%10.43%2.61%
Component Grab BagComponent Grab Bag God / S+67.64+3.724.3253.17%12.60%13.89%
ConsistencyConsistency Good / A52.53+1.384.5049.07%15.03%3.29%
Cruel PactCruel Pact Good / A50.57+3.204.4951.27%16.04%0.36%
Cursed CrownCursed Crown Fair / B49.21+1.294.5647.89%15.23%1.42%
CutthroatCutthroat Bad / D33.43+1.624.7844.66%6.88%0.61%
Cybernetic Implants ICybernetic Implants I Good / A50.74+1.584.2852.55%14.00%1.29%
Cybernetic Implants IICybernetic Implants II Good / A54.04-0.534.1756.51%12.92%2.98%
Cybernetic Implants IIICybernetic Implants III Good / A53.39-1.034.0758.61%14.02%0.52%
Cybernetic Shell ICybernetic Shell I Good / A53.32+1.214.2753.40%15.13%1.66%
Cybernetic Shell IICybernetic Shell II Strong / S58.32+4.154.1355.60%16.00%2.96%
Cybernetic Shell IIICybernetic Shell III Fair / B44.22-5.434.3953.47%10.54%0.50%
Cybernetic Uplink ICybernetic Uplink I Strong / S58.95+6.094.1256.01%17.04%2.20%
Cybernetic Uplink IICybernetic Uplink II God / S+66.50+9.944.0258.15%18.77%4.51%
Cybernetic Uplink IIICybernetic Uplink III Strong / S59.67+8.493.9857.90%17.61%1.05%
Darkflight CrestDarkflight Crest Weak / C38.73-15.884.5848.83%7.77%1.46%
Darkflight CrownDarkflight Crown Fair / B45.99-12.264.2454.81%10.91%0.35%
Darkflight HeartDarkflight Heart Bad / D30.37-12.764.9940.45%6.36%0.90%
Devastating ChargeDevastating Charge Fair / B48.46-4.244.2556.34%11.07%1.50%
Double Trouble IDouble Trouble I Fair / B43.74-6.624.5548.14%12.38%0.30%
Double Trouble IIDouble Trouble II Good / A51.90-9.714.2953.46%14.84%0.96%
Double Trouble IIIDouble Trouble III Fair / B48.85-8.844.3452.40%13.98%0.34%
Dragon ImperialistDragon Imperialist Fair / B47.97+3.974.4948.71%11.60%3.64%
Dragon SoulDragon Soul Bad / D33.15-0.095.0139.41%8.41%1.09%
Dragonmancer ConferenceDragonmancer Conference Fair / B46.86
Dragonmancer ConferenceDragonmancer Conference Not Placed0.00
Dragonmancer CrestDragonmancer Crest Good / A54.31-12.454.3851.29%14.00%4.41%
Dragonmancer CrownDragonmancer Crown Fair / B48.71-16.974.2654.40%12.14%1.18%
Electrocharge IElectrocharge I Good / A52.14-0.264.3154.02%11.98%3.90%
Electrocharge IIElectrocharge II Good / A52.42+1.604.2356.66%11.79%3.22%
Electrocharge IIIElectrocharge III Weak / C42.56-0.204.4352.52%9.72%0.62%
Essence TheftEssence Theft Good / A55.57+17.644.2755.02%14.38%3.43%
Eternal ProtectionEternal Protection Weak / C41.99+2.624.4351.45%9.56%0.68%
Evoker CrestEvoker Crest Good / A56.27+15.784.2354.44%16.45%1.90%
Evoker CrownEvoker Crown Strong / S59.24+18.184.0557.19%18.46%0.45%
Evoker HeartEvoker Heart Good / A50.87+11.874.3851.83%14.92%1.11%
Exiles IExiles I Good / A54.18+3.694.2353.66%15.35%1.62%
Exiles IIExiles II Good / A50.49+0.244.3652.70%13.34%1.96%
Exiles IIIExiles III Weak / C40.08+1.054.6047.49%10.26%0.42%
Eye of the StormEye of the Storm Weak / C40.63-11.774.6446.77%10.37%1.01%
Featherweights IFeatherweights I Fair / B43.97-0.194.4850.79%10.00%1.93%
Featherweights IIFeatherweights II Weak / C40.55+0.014.5250.15%8.62%1.30%
Featherweights IIIFeatherweights III Weak / C38.62-0.454.5150.57%8.00%0.48%
First Aid Kit IFirst Aid Kit I Good / A53.92+5.724.3352.43%14.43%3.19%
First Aid Kit IIFirst Aid Kit II Good / A52.42+3.234.3951.14%13.38%3.86%
Future Sight IFuture Sight I Bad / D38.49+0.334.6945.12%9.56%0.99%
Future Sight IIFuture Sight II Good / A50.65+9.024.2753.67%14.68%0.22%
Gadget ExpertGadget Expert Good / A51.61+0.524.2754.93%11.69%3.41%
Gear UpgradesGear Upgrades Strong / S59.31-0.423.9260.49%15.25%2.13%
Golden TicketGolden Ticket Good / A50.53+1.244.5946.39%14.41%3.61%
Guardian CrestGuardian Crest Weak / C42.18-0.654.5648.90%10.01%1.53%
Guardian CrownGuardian Crown Weak / C41.76-6.614.3453.37%8.84%0.38%
Guardian HeartGuardian Heart Bad / D37.87-4.374.6846.65%8.31%1.31%
Guild CrestGuild Crest God / S+69.04-1.033.6666.72%17.14%3.74%
Guild CrownGuild Crown God / S+69.02-3.623.5469.53%18.72%0.77%
Guild HeartGuild Heart Strong / S56.99+3.513.9960.99%13.69%2.19%
HallucinateHallucinate Fair / B48.50-9.974.3352.35%11.99%2.05%
Hero-In-TrainingHero-In-Training Fair / B46.47-2.934.5448.66%11.82%2.61%
Heroic PresenceHeroic Presence Weak / C43.47-2.204.4751.20%10.10%1.34%
High End ShoppingHigh End Shopping Good / A51.02+2.824.4849.68%13.47%3.58%
High RollerHigh Roller Fair / B44.99-0.514.5847.28%10.99%2.95%
High TideHigh Tide Good / A49.85+4.604.4749.93%12.84%3.26%
Hot ShotHot Shot Bad / D37.13-17.074.7744.92%7.96%1.93%
HustlerHustler Weak / C41.12+3.064.5249.64%9.74%0.75%
Item Grab Bag IItem Grab Bag I Strong / S60.91+2.994.3552.84%12.64%9.56%
Item Grab Bag IIItem Grab Bag II Weak / C42.97+1.004.6047.16%10.29%2.38%
Jade CrestJade Crest Fair / B45.84-1.724.2654.66%10.59%0.72%
Jade HeartJade Heart Weak / C40.36-0.484.4650.50%8.61%0.87%
Jade SoulJade Soul Weak / C42.84-1.514.3153.82%9.44%0.23%
Jeweled LotusJeweled Lotus God / S+68.87+6.514.3651.77%13.60%14.27%
Knife's Edge IKnife's Edge I Weak / C38.86-14.694.7445.47%8.33%2.48%
Knife's Edge IIKnife's Edge II Fair / B43.72-12.434.5549.22%8.95%3.39%
Knife's Edge IIIKnife's Edge III Weak / C40.46-12.584.5650.10%9.09%0.92%
Lagoon CrestLagoon Crest Good / A55.75+7.274.3751.56%15.81%3.51%
Lagoon CrownLagoon Crown Fair / B48.59+3.684.3751.78%13.40%1.00%
Lagoon HeartLagoon Heart Fair / B48.86+4.534.5449.71%12.85%2.91%
Last StandLast Stand Good / A54.26+3.004.3452.41%16.79%1.22%
Lategame SpecialistLategame Specialist Good / A51.66+4.494.5646.76%16.54%2.08%
Level Up!Level Up! Strong / S59.42+7.054.4050.95%17.00%5.05%
Living ForgeLiving Forge Good / A53.28+3.764.2753.85%15.42%1.22%
Living ForgeLiving Forge Not Placed0.00
Loot MasterLoot Master Strong / S58.67+0.014.0757.42%16.31%2.02%
Loot MasterLoot Master Not Placed0.00
Lucky GlovesLucky Gloves Fair / B43.62+4.674.4950.49%9.70%2.12%
Luden's Echo ILuden's Echo I God / S+62.75+12.254.1356.45%16.07%5.58%
Luden's Echo IILuden's Echo II Strong / S56.32+8.874.3453.86%14.42%4.44%
Luden's Echo IIILuden's Echo III Fair / B48.62+7.384.3054.13%12.24%1.26%
Mage CrestMage Crest God / S+66.48+23.093.9959.09%18.20%4.72%
Mage CrownMage Crown God / S+69.07+22.583.6665.62%20.11%1.18%
Mage HeartMage Heart Strong / S60.94+19.474.0757.89%17.02%2.84%
March of ProgressMarch of Progress God / S+62.38+12.724.0259.93%19.72%0.38%
Metabolic AcceleratorMetabolic Accelerator Good / A53.24+7.414.2056.13%12.57%3.05%
Mirage CrestMirage Crest Fair / B49.39-7.214.3451.63%12.09%2.70%
Mirage CrownMirage Crown Fair / B44.45-6.634.3951.68%11.08%0.64%
Mirage HeartMirage Heart Fair / B46.07-10.064.4950.52%11.57%1.91%
Mystic HeartMystic Heart Strong / S56.94+8.874.1555.12%17.23%1.11%
Mystic SoulMystic Soul Fair / B49.24+5.424.3851.54%14.75%0.25%
New RecruitNew Recruit Good / A56.08+7.254.2953.44%14.01%4.60%
OasisOasis Strong / S59.01+12.884.3052.14%17.35%3.80%
Pandora's BenchPandora's Bench Good / A53.97+0.964.6944.59%13.47%7.62%
Pandora's ItemsPandora's Items Strong / S57.47+3.484.4051.29%14.01%6.58%
Part-Time AssassinPart-Time Assassin Not Placed0.00
Pay to WinPay to Win Weak / C41.50+3.834.6146.77%11.28%0.61%
PenitencePenitence Bad / D37.99-0.344.5449.64%7.79%0.61%
Personal TrainingPersonal Training Not Placed0.00
Personal TrainingPersonal Training Strong / S57.00+2.174.0259.89%15.39%0.93%
Portable ForgePortable Forge God / S+81.49+4.454.2255.07%13.72%21.09%
Preparation IPreparation I Not Placed0.00
Preparation IPreparation I Strong / S58.86+6.094.2553.45%17.06%3.32%
Preparation IIPreparation II Strong / S59.14+9.104.1856.12%16.66%2.96%
Preparation IIPreparation II Not Placed0.00
Preparation IIIPreparation III Not Placed0.00
Preparation IIIPreparation III Fair / B47.45+0.954.5050.35%13.71%0.84%
Press the AttackPress the Attack Strong / S59.28-3.003.9362.17%13.79%3.07%
Protectors of the CosmosProtectors of the Cosmos Strong / S58.85+12.084.1455.93%16.56%2.73%
Radiant RelicsRadiant Relics Good / A51.84-2.444.3852.38%11.43%4.97%
Ragewing HeartRagewing Heart Bad / D32.19-7.634.8543.22%6.04%1.22%
Ragewing SoulRagewing Soul Bad / D28.50-7.794.9540.33%5.43%0.47%
RecombobulatorRecombobulator Bad / D34.51-6.744.9940.70%8.53%1.46%
Rich Get RicherRich Get Richer Fair / B48.88-0.784.7045.36%12.33%5.19%
Rich Get Richer+Rich Get Richer+ Fair / B49.03+0.634.5747.10%13.27%3.47%
RicochetRicochet Bad / D35.49-23.534.8642.66%7.93%1.77%
Salvage BinSalvage Bin Fair / B48.73+3.394.5548.86%11.71%4.22%
Scalescorn CrestScalescorn Crest Fair / B49.25-11.194.2454.23%12.63%1.06%
Scalescorn CrownScalescorn Crown Strong / S57.04-13.163.8363.75%14.17%0.31%
Scalescorn HeartScalescorn Heart Weak / C43.32-10.424.4551.51%10.42%0.77%
Scoped Weapons IScoped Weapons I Fair / B46.58-3.004.7545.54%9.02%6.95%
Scoped Weapons IIScoped Weapons II Fair / B45.43-2.924.5648.61%11.55%2.28%
ScorchScorch Good / A49.97-4.924.3651.78%13.25%2.02%
Second Wind ISecond Wind I Strong / S61.65+3.584.3452.39%13.68%9.14%
Second Wind IISecond Wind II God / S+62.92+3.284.3951.79%12.97%11.04%
Shapeshifter HeartShapeshifter Heart Weak / C39.19-3.024.5149.11%8.78%0.51%
Shapeshifter SoulShapeshifter Soul Weak / C38.77-6.754.5248.25%9.13%0.13%
Shimmerscale CrestShimmerscale Crest Good / A49.59+6.254.4749.01%14.78%1.47%
Shimmerscale HeartShimmerscale Heart Fair / B47.18+4.514.6145.95%13.92%2.04%
Shimmerscale SoulShimmerscale Soul Fair / B48.90+8.054.3551.31%14.20%0.50%
Soul SiphonSoul Siphon Bad / D21.91-11.815.3434.35%3.34%0.84%
Stand United IStand United I Good / A54.39+4.424.2554.04%14.88%2.34%
Stand United IIStand United II God / S+65.09+8.764.0557.19%17.90%4.86%
Stand United IIIStand United III Strong / S56.58+8.274.0957.71%16.11%0.95%
Sunfire BoardSunfire Board Good / A51.62-1.354.5648.75%10.38%7.48%
Swiftshot CrestSwiftshot Crest Good / A52.28-0.064.1058.28%11.49%2.47%
Swiftshot CrownSwiftshot Crown Fair / B46.79-5.054.0958.20%9.66%0.58%
Swiftshot HeartSwiftshot Heart Good / A50.77-5.154.1356.29%11.93%1.72%
TantrumTantrum Fair / B45.17-8.574.4949.61%11.24%1.86%
Tempest CrestTempest Crest Bad / D37.87-2.854.7245.21%9.26%0.95%
Tempest CrownTempest Crown Weak / C40.29-7.324.5249.33%9.74%0.26%
Tempest HeartTempest Heart Bad / D38.34-6.444.7045.84%9.51%0.79%
TerrifyTerrify Good / A56.18+0.014.0858.00%14.88%1.80%
The Golden EggThe Golden Egg Strong / S58.38+1.314.2351.99%18.98%1.57%
The Golden EggThe Golden Egg Not Placed0.00
Think FastThink Fast Fair / B47.78-1.944.3053.16%11.71%1.39%
Three's CompanyThree's Company Weak / C43.02-0.374.6946.42%9.96%3.24%
Thrill of the Hunt IThrill of the Hunt I God / S+63.02+2.274.4252.07%13.02%11.07%
Thrill of the Hunt IIThrill of the Hunt II God / S+68.67+3.344.4150.96%12.58%15.54%
TiamatTiamat Bad / D37.65-7.184.6446.71%7.89%1.45%
Tiny TitansTiny Titans Strong / S56.96+1.214.3452.99%11.37%8.12%
Titanic StrengthTitanic Strength Weak / C43.56-3.404.3353.56%9.27%1.05%
Trade SectorTrade Sector Strong / S57.54+7.034.3353.15%13.94%5.89%
Trade Sector+Trade Sector+ Good / A55.99+4.954.3651.41%15.61%3.86%
Tri Force ITri Force I Fair / B44.62+0.444.4050.49%11.63%0.54%
Tri Force IITri Force II Good / A52.56+3.574.1256.02%14.25%0.65%
Tri Force IIITri Force III Good / A53.81+5.374.1856.86%15.61%0.15%
True TwosTrue Twos Fair / B44.08-3.614.5948.45%9.34%3.65%
Urf's Grab Bag IUrf's Grab Bag I God / S+70.53+1.634.4650.33%13.11%16.62%
Urf's Grab Bag IIUrf's Grab Bag II Fair / B49.00-3.614.5248.86%11.76%4.21%
Verdant VeilVerdant Veil Weak / C39.71-2.184.7345.43%9.94%1.49%
Warrior CrestWarrior Crest Bad / D38.58-7.154.5848.33%7.69%1.62%
Warrior CrownWarrior Crown Weak / C39.42-4.304.5149.39%8.98%0.41%
Warrior HeartWarrior Heart Weak / C40.63-6.764.5149.18%9.11%1.15%
WeakspotWeakspot Strong / S56.69-9.524.4551.05%12.04%8.22%
Whispers HeartWhispers Heart Bad / D37.93-2.034.6647.10%8.78%0.74%
WindfallWindfall Fair / B46.79+4.904.3952.62%12.47%0.57%
Windfall+Windfall+ Weak / C43.01+0.534.5449.20%10.84%1.11%
Windfall++Windfall++ Fair / B47.63+3.294.3852.04%12.33%1.41%
Wise SpendingWise Spending Good / A50.92+2.204.4449.90%15.51%1.34%
Woodland CharmWoodland Charm Fair / B46.88-1.914.3751.80%11.62%1.63%
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