TFT Double Up Augment Stats Set 6.5 Patch 12.9 OCE

We've compiled all of the available information, stats, and data on every augment in the League of Legends game Teamfight Tactics Double Up Set 6.5: Neon Nights. Use the table below to view the following for each augment: score, trends, average placement, top 4 rate, win rate, and pick rate. Quickly visualize how the augments stack up against each other to help make the best decision on in-game purchases and give yourself an advantage during TFT Double Up games.

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All RanksAll Ranks
AugmentTierScoreTrendAvg PlaceTop 2 %Win %Pick %
Ancient ArchivesAncient Archives God / S+72.32-2.734.0548.59%24.87%16.36%
Arcane CrestArcane Crest Weak / C44.64-2.704.0648.44%23.56%2.02%
Arcanist CrownArcanist Crown Bad / D37.46-5.604.1546.52%19.71%0.73%
Arcanist HeartArcanist Heart Weak / C43.28-7.664.0948.50%22.42%1.92%
Archangel's EmbraceArchangel's Embrace God / S+65.13+1.043.8752.40%27.34%9.63%
Ardent CenserArdent Censer Strong / S57.45+10.283.6756.37%30.36%2.23%
Armor PlatingArmor Plating Good / A49.93-0.513.8951.60%26.21%2.20%
AscensionAscension Strong / S57.62-0.154.0648.84%23.35%9.05%
Assassin CrestAssassin Crest Good / A51.79+7.093.7255.70%27.29%0.95%
Assassin CrownAssassin Crown Fair / B48.58-3.593.7753.23%26.77%0.33%
Assassin HeartAssassin Heart Fair / B46.63+4.463.8852.70%24.40%0.92%
Backfoot IBackfoot I Strong / S59.45-1.623.9351.46%25.24%8.02%
Backfoot IIBackfoot II God / S+64.20-1.363.9451.11%25.80%10.45%
Backfoot IIIBackfoot III Good / A50.88-0.193.8852.91%26.25%2.30%
Band of ThievesBand of Thieves Bad / D40.67-4.384.1647.63%20.87%1.68%
Battlemage IBattlemage I Weak / C42.32-4.024.1945.61%21.77%2.78%
Battlemage IIBattlemage II Weak / C42.75-3.264.1845.80%21.56%3.02%
Battlemage IIIBattlemage III Weak / C41.93+1.014.0649.22%22.70%0.75%
Binary AirdropBinary Airdrop Strong / S55.98+2.543.8552.85%27.05%4.62%
Blue Battery IBlue Battery I Strong / S59.24-2.654.0249.24%24.27%9.27%
Blue Battery IIBlue Battery II Fair / B47.97-2.323.9651.09%23.62%2.73%
Bodyguard CrestBodyguard Crest Good / A54.27+5.653.7853.89%28.37%2.53%
Bodyguard CrownBodyguard Crown Good / A52.90+2.313.7853.75%30.23%0.94%
Bodyguard HeartBodyguard Heart Good / A51.61+2.723.8751.76%27.90%2.21%
Broken StopwatchBroken Stopwatch God / S+63.57+4.993.4061.88%33.79%1.25%
Bruiser CrestBruiser Crest Bad / D38.56-3.804.2944.05%19.61%2.48%
Bruiser CrownBruiser Crown Bad / D37.43-5.144.2844.34%21.70%0.79%
Bruiser HeartBruiser Heart Bad / D40.69-4.344.1946.26%21.20%2.01%
Built Different IBuilt Different I Weak / C42.15+3.064.0051.56%21.82%0.44%
Built Different IIBuilt Different II Bad / D37.85-7.724.1747.62%19.93%0.60%
Built Different IIIBuilt Different III Weak / C40.89-14.094.1245.94%24.73%0.30%
Calculated LossCalculated Loss Fair / B48.55+1.783.9550.20%27.75%1.33%
Celestial Blessing ICelestial Blessing I God / S+60.57-1.783.9750.19%25.28%9.08%
Celestial Blessing IICelestial Blessing II God / S+69.18+2.233.8951.87%26.46%12.49%
Celestial Blessing IIICelestial Blessing III Good / A53.45+1.493.8353.41%27.59%2.76%
Challenger CrestChallenger Crest Fair / B45.19+1.884.1047.96%23.21%2.76%
Challenger CrownChallenger Crown Good / A50.96+4.273.7954.00%27.89%0.96%
Challenger HeartChallenger Heart Fair / B48.44+4.403.9751.21%25.30%2.23%
Challenger UnityChallenger Unity Fair / B46.32+1.854.0150.61%24.27%1.84%
Chemical Overload IChemical Overload I Good / A52.97-0.843.7056.80%27.40%1.16%
Chemical Overload IIChemical Overload II Strong / S54.86+1.653.6557.58%28.25%1.38%
Chemtech CrestChemtech Crest Strong / S54.89+5.333.6956.66%28.48%1.72%
Chemtech CrownChemtech Crown Good / A54.51+3.503.6756.75%30.06%0.66%
Chemtech HeartChemtech Heart Strong / S55.64+3.253.6757.40%28.67%1.72%
Chemtech UnityChemtech Unity Fair / B49.15+1.693.8553.58%25.17%1.58%
Clear MindClear Mind Good / A52.53+5.113.8254.11%30.27%0.78%
Clockwork HeartClockwork Heart God / S+60.35+7.933.5659.76%31.96%1.66%
Clockwork SoulClockwork Soul God / S+63.54-1.123.3862.86%33.86%0.81%
Component Grab BagComponent Grab Bag God / S+70.11-1.854.0249.77%23.91%15.19%
Concussive BlowsConcussive Blows Good / A50.65-1.603.8055.04%25.58%1.65%
CutthroatCutthroat Fair / B47.36+3.983.8553.83%24.81%0.71%
Cybernetic Implants ICybernetic Implants I Fair / B47.94-1.783.9251.93%25.34%1.54%
Cybernetic Implants IICybernetic Implants II Strong / S57.53+2.503.8053.74%28.29%4.47%
Cybernetic Implants IIICybernetic Implants III Good / A50.42+0.903.7953.88%27.67%0.80%
Cybernetic Shell ICybernetic Shell I Fair / B48.79+4.963.9052.38%26.15%1.45%
Cybernetic Shell IICybernetic Shell II Strong / S55.87+2.653.8152.95%27.92%3.96%
Cybernetic Shell IIICybernetic Shell III Fair / B47.30-0.113.9051.16%26.42%0.83%
Cybernetic Uplink ICybernetic Uplink I Strong / S55.25+6.313.7355.59%29.33%1.93%
Cybernetic Uplink IICybernetic Uplink II Strong / S59.53+3.553.7853.92%28.67%5.23%
Cybernetic Uplink IIICybernetic Uplink III Fair / B48.11-1.213.8653.29%25.48%1.00%
Debonair CrestDebonair Crest Good / A51.28+8.123.8353.28%27.39%1.70%
Debonair CrownDebonair Crown Strong / S54.56+13.023.6358.09%29.04%0.61%
Debonair HeartDebonair Heart Good / A50.40+6.423.8553.18%26.59%1.71%
Disintegrator IDisintegrator I Strong / S56.05-0.063.9750.09%25.15%6.71%
Disintegrator IIDisintegrator II God / S+59.87-1.743.9550.46%24.79%8.80%
Disintegrator IIIDisintegrator III Good / A50.24+1.223.8752.18%26.80%1.88%
DominanceDominance Fair / B49.29+0.103.8552.85%26.23%1.38%
Double Trouble IDouble Trouble I Bad / D34.50-6.144.3243.94%19.48%0.45%
Double Trouble IIDouble Trouble II Bad / D35.80-8.884.3144.26%20.06%0.77%
Double Trouble IIIDouble Trouble III Bad / D40.70-4.784.1647.01%24.30%0.27%
DuetDuet Good / A51.72+2.123.8453.41%25.84%2.70%
Electrocharge IElectrocharge I Good / A50.23-1.474.0149.61%24.50%4.14%
Electrocharge IIElectrocharge II Weak / C44.70-3.004.0449.30%22.33%2.34%
Electrocharge IIIElectrocharge III Fair / B46.51+7.923.8952.19%25.50%0.53%
En GardeEn Garde Strong / S57.66+5.683.6257.62%30.41%1.76%
Enchanter HeartEnchanter Heart Strong / S56.87+10.923.7354.80%30.37%2.55%
Enchanter SoulEnchanter Soul God / S+60.00+13.943.4859.49%32.45%0.96%
Enforcer HeartEnforcer Heart Weak / C41.01+9.594.1249.29%21.21%1.13%
ExilesExiles Weak / C44.05+2.194.0648.90%23.96%1.40%
Exiles IIExiles II Weak / C43.13-1.444.1146.54%23.12%2.07%
Exiles IIIExiles III Bad / D37.72-8.074.1544.60%21.59%0.52%
Featherweights IFeatherweights I Fair / B45.60-3.603.9651.52%23.05%1.61%
Featherweights IIFeatherweights II Weak / C43.58-2.814.0249.68%23.47%1.01%
Featherweights IIIFeatherweights III Bad / D38.37-7.754.0951.45%18.48%0.29%
First Aid KitFirst Aid Kit Good / A52.42+2.363.9250.72%26.18%3.91%
Four ScoreFour Score Strong / S55.83+0.374.0149.41%25.33%6.82%
Future SightFuture Sight Fair / B46.93+1.664.1047.87%24.25%3.22%
Future Sight IIFuture Sight II Weak / C43.07-0.824.0148.85%24.10%0.65%
Gold ReservesGold Reserves Bad / D38.66+5.724.3142.93%23.06%1.30%
Golden Gifts IGolden Gifts I Good / A51.27+4.954.0248.92%25.54%4.42%
Golden Gifts IIGolden Gifts II Weak / C44.83-0.563.9452.13%23.25%0.85%
Golden TicketGolden Ticket Good / A49.92-0.264.0548.43%25.67%3.86%
HexnovaHexnova Weak / C45.12-0.113.8953.45%22.41%0.86%
Hextech CrownHextech Crown Bad / D39.00-4.604.0848.53%20.41%0.47%
Hextech HeartHextech Heart Weak / C41.53-0.874.0949.36%21.12%1.33%
High End ShoppingHigh End Shopping Fair / B49.58+1.424.0248.95%25.62%3.48%
High FiveHigh Five God / S+63.60+0.514.0348.98%24.06%11.85%
High RollerHigh Roller Fair / B49.05-0.434.0748.97%23.97%4.13%
Hyper RollHyper Roll Weak / C44.42-0.534.0248.79%25.47%0.79%
Innovator HeartInnovator Heart Strong / S54.58+2.643.7156.04%27.87%2.09%
Instant InjectionInstant Injection Strong / S58.45+3.013.5958.56%30.70%1.64%
Irresistible CharmIrresistible Charm Good / A50.43+3.473.8253.96%25.61%1.86%
Item Grab Bag IItem Grab Bag I Strong / S58.03-2.944.0548.81%24.07%8.92%
Item Grab Bag IIItem Grab Bag II Bad / D39.55-2.254.2145.79%19.91%2.16%
Jeweled LotusJeweled Lotus God / S+68.00+1.893.9949.34%25.28%13.43%
JunkyardJunkyard Bad / D38.60-3.804.2046.12%21.33%0.86%
Keepers IKeepers I Fair / B45.97+0.314.0349.21%23.91%2.29%
Keepers IIKeepers II Fair / B47.92+1.244.0448.70%23.96%3.46%
Knife's Edge IKnife's Edge I Fair / B48.55-0.344.0049.12%24.88%3.14%
Knife's Edge IIKnife's Edge II Fair / B45.94-0.144.0449.35%22.24%3.03%
Knife's Edge IIIKnife's Edge III Weak / C42.45+0.784.0349.56%22.70%0.84%
Level Up!Level Up! Good / A50.97+1.044.0348.98%24.75%4.65%
Lifelong LearningLifelong Learning Good / A50.58+6.903.8553.20%28.76%0.81%
Luden's Echo ILuden's Echo I Strong / S55.28-3.053.9251.82%25.17%5.64%
Luden's Echo IILuden's Echo II Good / A49.66-0.723.9651.27%23.89%3.48%
Luden's Echo IIILuden's Echo III Fair / B45.45+2.163.9650.06%25.28%0.87%
Makeshift Armor IMakeshift Armor I Fair / B45.43-7.104.0349.63%23.56%2.03%
Makeshift Armor IIMakeshift Armor II Weak / C45.05-7.994.1148.69%21.98%3.08%
Makeshift Armor IIIMakeshift Armor III Weak / C42.63-1.494.0349.04%23.65%0.61%
March of ProgressMarch of Progress God / S+63.39+11.283.4361.05%36.10%0.45%
Meditation IMeditation I Weak / C44.52-6.114.0349.42%23.26%1.73%
Meditation IIMeditation II Fair / B47.27-2.363.9651.19%23.73%2.28%
Meditation IIIMeditation III Weak / C43.43-2.404.0348.34%25.36%0.45%
Mercenary CrestMercenary Crest Bad / D33.51-0.744.6336.18%20.02%2.61%
Mercenary HeartMercenary Heart Weak / C40.78-3.754.4839.12%23.44%3.79%
Mercenary SoulMercenary Soul Bad / D37.65+4.964.4039.74%23.97%1.45%
Metabolic AcceleratorMetabolic Accelerator Not Placed0.00
Mutant CrestMutant Crest Good / A49.83-5.103.9650.64%25.15%3.17%
Mutant CrownMutant Crown Weak / C43.95-6.353.9850.00%23.43%1.02%
Mutant HeartMutant Heart Good / A51.54-3.363.8552.90%26.20%2.58%
New RecruitNew Recruit Good / A53.09+0.693.8752.24%25.67%3.91%
One For AllOne For All Good / A54.47-7.183.7254.99%30.27%1.20%
OverpowerOverpower Fair / B45.74+1.203.9951.20%24.13%1.37%
Pandora's ItemsPandora's Items Good / A50.79-2.034.1945.70%22.56%6.98%
PaydayPayday Strong / S54.63-3.423.7155.91%29.93%1.19%
Phalanx IPhalanx I Good / A53.84-0.713.9251.35%26.09%4.58%
Phalanx IIPhalanx II Strong / S54.84+0.663.9650.71%26.05%5.44%
Phalanx IIIPhalanx III Fair / B47.95+0.013.9252.00%26.19%1.14%
Phony FrontlinePhony Frontline Good / A52.99-2.524.0149.45%24.02%5.90%
PiratesPirates Bad / D37.15-2.664.4640.04%21.94%2.21%
Portable ForgePortable Forge God / S+83.58-0.513.9450.66%25.68%21.17%
Radiant RelicsRadiant Relics Fair / B49.50-1.224.0549.05%23.48%4.50%
RecombobulatorRecombobulator Weak / C41.52+4.054.2045.41%22.93%1.89%
Rich Get RicherRich Get Richer Good / A52.27+2.583.9749.85%27.00%3.87%
Runic Shield IRunic Shield I Fair / B46.04-1.493.9450.72%24.64%1.26%
Runic Shield IIRunic Shield II Fair / B45.64-3.193.9851.58%22.75%1.82%
Salvage BinSalvage Bin Fair / B45.63+1.594.1845.93%21.81%4.46%
Scholar HeartScholar Heart Good / A51.60+12.563.7655.28%27.11%1.21%
Scholar SoulScholar Soul Fair / B47.86+1.073.8953.23%26.43%0.56%
Scrap CrestScrap Crest Fair / B47.51-0.323.9451.27%25.64%1.42%
Scrap HeartScrap Heart Weak / C44.85-0.234.0647.58%25.31%1.54%
Scrap SoulScrap Soul Bad / D35.86-6.204.2842.30%21.52%0.57%
Second Wind ISecond Wind I Strong / S55.08-3.124.0349.78%24.61%6.73%
Second Wind IISecond Wind II Strong / S58.82-0.274.0050.10%24.27%8.72%
Self RepairSelf Repair Good / A51.66+1.173.8353.04%27.63%1.87%
Share the SpotlightShare the Spotlight Good / A50.83+6.693.7853.95%27.87%0.89%
SharpshooterSharpshooter Bad / D39.77-8.554.1547.20%22.20%0.65%
Shrug It OffShrug It Off Fair / B48.48-2.993.9152.24%25.18%1.80%
Smoke BombSmoke Bomb Fair / B46.55+1.003.8852.78%24.40%0.88%
Sniper CrestSniper Crest Strong / S55.93+0.123.7454.69%29.75%2.39%
Sniper CrownSniper Crown Good / A50.47-3.933.7952.97%28.27%0.80%
Sniper HeartSniper Heart Strong / S57.54+4.483.6756.14%31.14%1.96%
Sniper's NestSniper's Nest God / S+63.89+1.023.5158.94%34.40%2.43%
So SmallSo Small Fair / B49.31-3.003.9450.69%25.68%2.55%
Socialite HeartSocialite Heart Fair / B46.45+1.854.1647.12%22.42%4.21%
Socialite SoulSocialite Soul Weak / C44.34-2.144.0448.61%23.55%1.76%
Spell BladeSpell Blade Fair / B47.84-1.803.8552.19%24.40%1.60%
Stand Behind MeStand Behind Me Good / A51.34+6.333.7953.51%28.21%1.13%
Stand United IStand United I Good / A51.59+0.483.7455.16%26.91%1.27%
Stand United IIStand United II Good / A53.73-4.223.8154.06%26.89%3.01%
Stand United IIIStand United III Good / A53.02-6.363.7156.35%29.17%0.54%
Stored PowerStored Power Bad / D38.02-10.634.1548.58%19.12%0.75%
Striker CrestStriker Crest Fair / B47.38-3.733.9152.34%23.89%1.80%
Striker CrownStriker Crown Fair / B45.42-4.133.8951.29%24.43%0.66%
Striker HeartStriker Heart Fair / B47.18+0.513.9551.80%24.52%1.66%
Sunfire BoardSunfire Board Strong / S58.20-0.504.0249.72%23.89%8.74%
Syndicate CrestSyndicate Crest Good / A53.59-4.943.7453.52%29.02%1.81%
Syndicate CrownSyndicate Crown Good / A53.17-0.183.7454.63%30.30%0.68%
Syndicate HeartSyndicate Heart Fair / B48.81-6.393.8950.33%27.26%1.45%
The Golden EggThe Golden Egg Not Placed0.00
Thieving RascalsThieving Rascals Fair / B47.17+0.964.0548.61%24.81%2.75%
Three's CompanyThree's Company Fair / B48.14-0.004.0348.74%24.88%3.13%
Thrill of the Hunt IThrill of the Hunt I Strong / S56.04-4.054.1148.14%22.98%8.72%
Thrill of the Hunt IIThrill of the Hunt II God / S+62.46+1.324.0448.51%24.00%11.42%
Tiny TitansTiny Titans Not Placed0.00
Titanic ForceTitanic Force Good / A50.26+2.233.8253.99%26.70%1.24%
Trade SectorTrade Sector Fair / B48.65-1.574.0149.19%25.40%2.97%
Treasure Trove ITreasure Trove I Strong / S54.52-1.843.9350.80%26.81%4.80%
Treasure Trove IITreasure Trove II Fair / B49.32+3.963.9551.66%25.06%2.63%
Treasure Trove IIITreasure Trove III Fair / B49.00+3.563.8951.79%27.75%0.92%
Tri Force ITri Force I Weak / C42.98-3.334.0748.38%23.67%1.12%
Tri Force IITri Force II Good / A50.20-3.703.8652.31%26.23%2.05%
Tri Force IIITri Force III Good / A52.30-1.383.7655.74%29.27%0.45%
True JusticeTrue Justice God / S+59.82+15.203.5659.33%32.24%1.36%
True TwosTrue Twos Fair / B47.29-3.153.9750.52%24.30%2.27%
Twinshot HeartTwinshot Heart Fair / B47.61-9.943.9950.19%24.98%2.26%
Twinshot SoulTwinshot Soul Weak / C44.47-7.614.0250.14%24.80%0.78%
UnderdogsUnderdogs Good / A52.67-1.573.9550.83%24.75%4.80%
Unstable EvolutionUnstable Evolution Good / A53.26+1.133.7754.09%27.82%2.12%
Verdant VeilVerdant Veil Weak / C40.96-2.674.1845.53%22.57%1.65%
Very VIPVery VIP Fair / B45.75+3.084.0250.05%23.61%2.03%
Weakspot IWeakspot I God / S+62.77+0.763.8752.46%27.49%8.27%
Weakspot IIWeakspot II God / S+69.03+2.873.7953.83%28.56%10.51%
Weakspot IIIWeakspot III Good / A52.75+1.303.8053.54%27.74%2.15%
WindfallWindfall Good / A51.52-1.053.9251.54%26.66%2.97%
Wise SpendingWise Spending Good / A52.15+1.173.8154.01%29.16%1.09%
Woodland CharmWoodland Charm Weak / C44.62+6.533.9750.16%24.77%0.68%