TFT Double Up Augment Stats Set 7 Patch 12.12

We've compiled all of the available information, stats, and data on every augment in the League of Legends game Teamfight Tactics Double Up Set 7: Dragonlands. Use the table below to view the following for each augment: score, trends, average placement, top 4 rate, win rate, and pick rate. Quickly visualize how the augments stack up against each other to help make the best decision on in-game purchases and give yourself an advantage during TFT Double Up games.

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All RanksAll Ranks
AugmentTierScoreTrendAvg PlaceTop 2 %Win %Pick %
AFKAFK Not Placed0.00
AFKAFK Good / A49.70-1.313.9351.19%26.96%1.14%
Ancient Archive IIAncient Archive II Fair / B45.02-0.324.2445.10%21.96%4.63%
Ancient Archives IAncient Archives I Strong / S59.67-0.544.2045.93%22.18%14.00%
AscensionAscension God / S+65.40-0.083.9551.05%25.49%12.94%
Assassin CrestAssassin Crest God / S+63.04+6.073.5459.00%32.53%1.95%
Assassin CrownAssassin Crown God / S+68.28+0.113.3462.89%36.00%0.71%
Assassin HeartAssassin Heart Good / A51.12+9.823.8752.14%27.32%1.29%
Astral HeartAstral Heart Bad / D36.31-3.554.3542.99%18.41%2.09%
Astral SoulAstral Soul Bad / D33.02-5.504.3843.12%17.27%0.65%
Axiom Arc IAxiom Arc I Fair / B47.49-3.434.2544.85%21.55%6.71%
Axiom Arc IIAxiom Arc II Fair / B47.62-6.024.2744.46%21.08%7.32%
Band of Thieves IBand of Thieves I Strong / S58.43+0.973.9251.54%25.91%7.61%
Band of Thieves IIBand of Thieves II Weak / C44.48-1.084.1147.86%22.80%2.21%
Beast's DenBeast's Den Good / A49.31-1.103.9550.94%25.62%1.93%
Bench BackupBench Backup Not Placed0.00
Best Friends IBest Friends I Strong / S54.71+4.463.8452.77%28.07%2.88%
Best Friends IIBest Friends II Strong / S58.15+4.203.7754.48%29.37%3.43%
Best Friends IIIBest Friends III Strong / S57.58+8.703.6756.16%30.77%1.03%
Better TogetherBetter Together Fair / B45.35-1.674.1447.16%22.57%3.33%
Big Friend IBig Friend I Fair / B45.23-2.104.0150.03%23.86%0.81%
Big Friend IIBig Friend II Good / A52.34+1.043.8552.75%27.04%1.96%
Binary AirdropBinary Airdrop Fair / B45.84+2.214.0349.28%25.19%0.77%
Blue BatteryBlue Battery Strong / S60.23-5.504.0549.03%24.31%11.31%
Bruiser CrestBruiser Crest Weak / C44.80-7.594.0548.79%22.33%2.12%
Bruiser CrownBruiser Crown Bad / D39.15-9.194.1746.88%20.56%0.56%
Bruiser HeartBruiser Heart Fair / B49.22-5.113.9351.73%24.55%2.15%
Built Different IBuilt Different I Bad / D31.32+3.634.4741.08%17.47%0.39%
Built Different IIBuilt Different II Weak / C42.49+7.624.0948.23%23.17%0.41%
Built Different IIIBuilt Different III Weak / C40.47+6.774.1446.90%22.44%0.18%
Calculated LossCalculated Loss Fair / B46.31-2.013.9750.53%24.60%0.72%
Cannoneer CrestCannoneer Crest Good / A51.20+8.213.9151.64%25.64%2.75%
Cannoneer CrownCannoneer Crown Good / A51.47+6.193.8054.63%26.24%0.93%
Cannoneer HeartCannoneer Heart Strong / S55.06+8.343.7954.78%27.45%2.56%
Cavalier CrestCavalier Crest Strong / S57.07+3.663.7255.53%29.81%1.78%
Cavalier CrownCavalier Crown God / S+62.54+3.063.4860.15%32.98%0.51%
Cavalier HeartCavalier Heart Fair / B49.03+0.263.9351.55%25.28%1.60%
Cavalier UnityCavalier Unity Strong / S57.47-0.463.6755.49%31.83%0.55%
Celestial Blessing ICelestial Blessing I God / S+64.01+2.733.9850.34%25.49%12.35%
Celestial Blessing IICelestial Blessing II God / S+69.36+0.483.9051.93%26.61%14.35%
Celestial Blessing IIICelestial Blessing III Strong / S55.84+1.213.8652.51%27.21%4.38%
Clear MindClear Mind Good / A49.59-0.603.9450.83%28.30%0.44%
Cluttered MindCluttered Mind Weak / C43.53-0.214.1946.13%23.48%2.06%
Combat Training ICombat Training I Fair / B49.02-0.484.0648.72%24.54%3.69%
Component Grab BagComponent Grab Bag God / S+64.98+0.043.9451.12%25.74%12.44%
ConvergenceConvergence Not Placed0.00
Cruel PactCruel Pact Not Placed0.00
Cursed CrownCursed Crown Not Placed0.00
CutthroatCutthroat Strong / S54.68+11.273.7754.62%28.76%1.41%
Cybernetic Implants ICybernetic Implants I Fair / B46.60+1.563.9950.52%24.49%1.10%
Cybernetic Implants IICybernetic Implants II Good / A52.23+0.333.8752.59%26.62%2.30%
Cybernetic Implants IIICybernetic Implants III Good / A51.77+3.053.7954.82%27.01%0.55%
Cybernetic Shell ICybernetic Shell I Fair / B47.07+3.473.9950.40%25.14%1.04%
Cybernetic Shell IICybernetic Shell II Good / A49.70+2.563.9551.24%25.60%2.07%
Cybernetic Shell IIICybernetic Shell III Fair / B45.25+4.783.9950.27%24.12%0.50%
Cybernetic Uplink ICybernetic Uplink I Fair / B46.65-1.634.0149.58%24.82%1.35%
Cybernetic Uplink IICybernetic Uplink II Good / A51.17-1.793.9151.33%26.43%2.37%
Cybernetic Uplink IIICybernetic Uplink III Fair / B46.98-0.933.9650.60%25.49%0.58%
Devastating ChargeDevastating Charge Good / A53.54+1.523.7854.37%27.99%1.27%
Double Trouble IDouble Trouble I Bad / D38.66+1.564.2046.46%21.08%0.20%
Double Trouble IIDouble Trouble II Weak / C40.93+0.354.1846.00%23.25%0.46%
Double Trouble IIIDouble Trouble III Weak / C41.17-4.904.1646.14%23.67%0.21%
Dragon AllianceDragon Alliance Bad / D39.06+0.514.2943.85%21.06%1.78%
Dragon HordeDragon Horde Bad / D38.50-0.584.3244.12%20.48%1.77%
Dragonmancer CrestDragonmancer Crest Fair / B48.69+10.304.0748.62%23.75%4.01%
Dragonmancer CrownDragonmancer Crown Fair / B45.89+9.264.0150.41%23.67%1.24%
Dragonmancer HeartDragonmancer Heart Good / A51.77+12.243.9451.10%25.62%3.50%
Electrocharge IElectrocharge I Good / A54.48+4.013.9052.01%25.82%4.69%
Electrocharge IIElectrocharge II Good / A53.53+1.753.8453.91%25.93%2.98%
Electrocharge IIIElectrocharge III Fair / B47.67+2.533.9152.01%24.44%0.95%
Essence TheftEssence Theft Weak / C44.46+2.764.0848.75%24.53%0.64%
Eternal ProtectionEternal Protection Fair / B48.79-0.923.9551.48%24.57%2.02%
Evoker CrestEvoker Crest Weak / C44.05-0.304.0948.29%24.30%0.73%
Evoker CrownEvoker Crown Bad / D39.74-1.644.1946.10%22.32%0.22%
Evoker HeartEvoker Heart Weak / C42.14+0.354.1547.26%23.35%0.63%
Exiles IExiles I Weak / C44.79+0.614.0848.21%24.41%1.17%
Exiles IIExiles II Fair / B45.82-0.134.0548.93%24.54%1.37%
Exiles IIIExiles III Bad / D37.28-4.494.2844.99%20.55%0.42%
Eye of the StormEye of the Storm Fair / B45.41+3.804.0649.13%23.75%1.58%
Featherweights IFeatherweights I Good / A51.12-3.143.9052.46%24.56%3.05%
Featherweights IIFeatherweights II Good / A51.80-3.583.8453.52%26.02%1.92%
Featherweights IIIFeatherweights III Good / A51.06-3.083.8054.56%26.07%0.80%
First Aid Kit IFirst Aid Kit I Fair / B46.89-0.124.1047.64%23.49%3.46%
First Aid Kit IIFirst Aid Kit II Fair / B45.35-3.204.1646.86%22.16%3.76%
Future Sight IFuture Sight I Fair / B46.05-1.484.0349.10%24.86%1.17%
Future Sight IIFuture Sight II Good / A50.25+2.703.8553.41%27.07%0.29%
Gadget ExpertGadget Expert Good / A53.25-0.503.9052.60%25.14%4.07%
Gear UpgradesGear Upgrades Strong / S56.49+0.363.7255.53%29.33%1.72%
Greater AllegianceGreater Allegiance Not Placed0.00
Guardian CrestGuardian Crest Weak / C44.69-3.404.0449.05%23.16%1.39%
Guardian CrownGuardian Crown Bad / D39.78-4.844.1447.23%21.09%0.43%
Guardian HeartGuardian Heart Bad / D40.27-1.944.2245.58%21.45%1.45%
Guild CrestGuild Crest God / S+66.07+3.003.4860.45%34.02%2.20%
Guild CrownGuild Crown God / S+68.02+5.163.3563.48%35.52%0.69%
Guild HeartGuild Heart Strong / S57.13+3.913.7155.90%29.55%1.81%
HallucinateHallucinate Good / A52.65+0.943.8752.44%26.84%2.50%
Heroic PresenceHeroic Presence Fair / B48.07-3.903.9451.57%24.41%1.57%
High End ShoppingHigh End Shopping Fair / B49.22-1.734.1047.62%24.93%4.14%
High RollerHigh Roller Good / A51.41+0.974.0149.60%24.92%4.54%
Hot ShotHot Shot God / S+64.76+9.223.5259.81%32.00%3.02%
HustlerHustler Fair / B47.03+0.173.9252.06%24.54%0.50%
InspireInspire Good / A53.56+12.773.9251.70%26.22%4.01%
Intercosmic GiftsIntercosmic Gifts Bad / D39.35-8.614.3443.53%19.35%3.33%
Item Grab Bag IItem Grab Bag I Strong / S60.05+1.953.9850.37%25.35%9.77%
Item Grab Bag IIItem Grab Bag II Fair / B45.70+0.294.1147.99%22.98%2.87%
Jade CrestJade Crest Fair / B47.30+1.553.9850.84%23.86%1.80%
Jade HeartJade Heart Fair / B44.99+0.114.0649.12%22.78%1.88%
Jade SoulJade Soul Fair / B45.38+1.593.9851.15%23.47%0.65%
Jeweled LotusJeweled Lotus Strong / S62.16-1.274.0848.53%23.62%13.38%
Last StandLast Stand Not Placed0.00
Lategame SpecialistLategame Specialist Weak / C44.15-0.574.1845.96%24.62%1.81%
Level Up!Level Up! Good / A53.30-0.884.0748.04%25.16%6.52%
Living ForgeLiving Forge Strong / S55.07-0.283.7954.00%28.82%1.97%
Living ForgeLiving Forge Not Placed0.00
Loot MasterLoot Master Good / A53.95+4.663.8453.07%28.41%2.03%
Loot MasterLoot Master Not Placed0.00
Luden's Echo ILuden's Echo I Strong / S55.67-2.933.9850.47%24.70%7.13%
Luden's Echo IILuden's Echo II Good / A53.51-4.993.9351.73%25.18%4.66%
Luden's Echo IIILuden's Echo III Fair / B48.11-6.183.9551.18%24.67%1.60%
Mage ConferenceMage Conference Fair / B45.35-12.594.0947.64%24.25%1.89%
Mage ConferenceMage Conference Not Placed0.00
Mage CrestMage Crest Weak / C40.59-14.384.3243.31%20.40%3.55%
Mage CrownMage Crown Weak / C41.05-14.074.1745.74%22.40%1.14%
Mage HeartMage Heart Weak / C40.69-11.834.2744.50%20.87%2.69%
Makeshift Armor IMakeshift Armor I Good / A49.32-0.603.9550.95%25.70%1.86%
Makeshift Armor IIMakeshift Armor II Good / A50.58-1.353.9451.08%25.93%2.50%
Makeshift Armor IIIMakeshift Armor III Weak / C44.19+0.514.0648.70%24.17%0.64%
March of ProgressMarch of Progress Fair / B49.20-0.953.9250.92%27.69%0.40%
Meditation IMeditation I Fair / B45.69-4.474.0548.87%24.44%1.37%
Meditation IIMeditation II Fair / B47.53-5.244.0049.58%25.16%1.72%
Meditation IIIMeditation III Weak / C40.35-6.884.1847.75%21.73%0.41%
Metabolic AcceleratorMetabolic Accelerator Not Placed0.00
Mirage CrestMirage Crest Good / A51.37+1.393.9450.79%26.67%2.65%
Mirage CrownMirage Crown Good / A50.92+2.283.8552.56%27.52%0.77%
Mirage HeartMirage Heart Good / A50.70+1.473.9251.67%25.89%2.30%
Mystic HeartMystic Heart Fair / B45.26-5.494.0448.94%24.63%0.89%
Mystic SoulMystic Soul Weak / C43.59-7.864.0548.17%24.42%0.21%
New RecruitNew Recruit Strong / S56.41-0.433.9351.48%25.02%6.84%
Pandora's BenchPandora's Bench Good / A50.94+1.384.1546.43%24.33%6.35%
Pandora's ItemsPandora's Items Strong / S56.03+0.764.0049.88%25.54%7.14%
Partners UnitedPartners United Not Placed0.00
Party FavorsParty Favors Strong / S61.64+8.633.5957.43%32.91%1.57%
Party FavorsParty Favors Not Placed0.00
Party Time!Party Time! Strong / S57.33+9.733.7256.09%28.58%2.53%
PenitencePenitence Weak / C43.72+0.274.0848.65%22.48%1.48%
Personal TrainingPersonal Training Not Placed0.00
Personal TrainingPersonal Training Fair / B46.69-6.194.0049.61%25.39%0.97%
Phony FrontlinePhony Frontline Fair / B48.31-0.684.1546.97%22.50%5.49%
Portable ForgePortable Forge God / S+84.04-0.233.8852.47%26.31%24.30%
Preparation IPreparation I Not Placed0.00
Preparation IPreparation I Good / A50.77+1.514.0648.78%25.01%4.55%
Preparation IIPreparation II Fair / B47.85-2.214.0548.85%24.38%2.89%
Preparation IIPreparation II Not Placed0.00
Preparation IIIPreparation III Not Placed0.00
Preparation IIIPreparation III Fair / B45.21+1.784.0749.11%24.55%0.98%
Press the AttackPress the Attack Strong / S59.43-5.493.6656.98%29.74%2.64%
Profit SharingProfit Sharing Not Placed0.00
Radiant RelicsRadiant Relics Good / A54.37-0.403.9850.62%24.72%6.20%
Ragewing CrestRagewing Crest Bad / D35.49-5.834.4141.95%17.89%2.44%
Ragewing CrownRagewing Crown Bad / D38.27-4.004.2545.00%20.41%1.06%
Ragewing HeartRagewing Heart Bad / D39.84-5.284.2744.37%20.38%2.48%
Reckless SpendingReckless Spending Bad / D31.39+4.724.5438.83%18.19%1.07%
RecombobulatorRecombobulator Bad / D37.68+2.804.3442.38%22.09%0.92%
Revel CrownRevel Crown God / S+63.10+9.913.4461.16%32.16%0.81%
Revel HeartRevel Heart Good / A53.02+9.793.8254.36%26.62%1.95%
Rich Get RicherRich Get Richer Good / A52.47-0.504.0448.70%25.39%5.42%
Rich Get Richer+Rich Get Richer+ Fair / B48.24-1.814.0947.64%24.53%3.69%
RicochetRicochet Good / A53.42+10.093.8553.23%26.53%2.84%
Salvage BinSalvage Bin Fair / B46.05-1.194.1247.25%23.26%3.26%
Scalescorn CrestScalescorn Crest Good / A54.34-4.253.7654.38%28.65%1.29%
Scalescorn CrownScalescorn Crown Strong / S58.77-5.943.6058.34%31.14%0.47%
Scalescorn HeartScalescorn Heart Good / A50.44-3.453.8652.89%26.28%1.13%
ScorchScorch Strong / S58.26-4.123.7554.91%29.59%3.13%
Second Wind ISecond Wind I God / S+63.55+3.373.9151.69%26.53%10.61%
Second Wind IISecond Wind II God / S+66.07+1.263.8952.05%26.58%12.09%
Shapeshifter HeartShapeshifter Heart Weak / C41.27-0.064.2045.27%22.28%1.65%
Shapeshifter SoulShapeshifter Soul Weak / C40.72+3.174.1347.04%21.92%0.57%
Share-o-selShare-o-sel Not Placed0.00
Shimmerscale CrestShimmerscale Crest Good / A49.85+7.884.0048.96%27.85%1.84%
Shimmerscale HeartShimmerscale Heart Fair / B47.11+6.644.1147.13%26.11%2.19%
Shimmerscale SoulShimmerscale Soul Fair / B45.61+5.814.0647.94%26.07%0.69%
Stand United IStand United I Strong / S60.76+3.713.6156.96%32.38%1.60%
Stand United IIStand United II God / S+63.02+2.033.6057.61%32.76%2.60%
Stand United IIIStand United III Strong / S60.37+4.053.5858.08%32.54%0.68%
Sunfire BoardSunfire Board Strong / S60.68-0.043.9950.11%24.78%10.68%
Swiftshot CrestSwiftshot Crest Weak / C44.53-5.204.0848.61%22.90%1.75%
Swiftshot CrownSwiftshot Crown Weak / C43.19-7.094.0649.24%22.62%0.71%
Swiftshot HeartSwiftshot Heart Fair / B45.34-5.694.0549.25%23.53%1.59%
TantrumTantrum Good / A53.22-4.063.8951.89%27.12%3.03%
Tempest CrestTempest Crest Weak / C40.40-0.964.1946.40%20.77%1.53%
Tempest CrownTempest Crown Bad / D40.14-1.334.1347.37%21.14%0.54%
Tempest HeartTempest Heart Weak / C42.60+0.864.1247.38%22.24%1.50%
The Golden EggThe Golden Egg Not Placed0.00
The Golden EggThe Golden Egg Not Placed0.00
Think FastThink Fast Good / A53.48+2.943.8253.40%27.63%1.98%
Three's CompanyThree's Company Fair / B48.56-0.024.0748.66%23.36%4.16%
Thrill of the Hunt IThrill of the Hunt I God / S+63.66+4.694.0049.96%24.90%12.75%
Thrill of the Hunt IIThrill of the Hunt II God / S+67.50+2.204.0149.63%24.59%15.73%
TiamatTiamat Fair / B47.14-5.544.0249.80%23.66%2.37%
Tiny TitansTiny Titans Not Placed0.00
Titanic StrengthTitanic Strength Good / A50.33-13.553.9052.15%25.36%2.12%
Trade SectorTrade Sector Strong / S59.58-1.293.8453.22%27.63%6.29%
Trade Sector+Trade Sector+ Good / A53.92
Tri Force ITri Force I Good / A54.30+2.993.7654.86%28.61%1.12%
Tri Force IITri Force II Strong / S57.86+1.743.6556.34%30.79%1.08%
Tri Force IIITri Force III Strong / S57.78+1.863.6057.99%30.47%0.34%
True TwosTrue Twos Good / A49.90+0.803.9850.25%24.40%3.47%
Urf's Grab Bag IUrf's Grab Bag I God / S+66.57+0.584.0648.55%24.61%15.68%
Urf's Grab Bag IIUrf's Grab Bag II Good / A50.45-0.414.0648.84%24.23%4.81%
Verdant VeilVerdant Veil Good / A50.49-0.913.9750.24%26.48%2.53%
Warrior CrestWarrior Crest Weak / C44.06-4.834.0948.13%22.15%2.14%
Warrior CrownWarrior Crown Weak / C43.62-3.944.0449.34%22.91%0.70%
Warrior HeartWarrior Heart Fair / B45.09-2.984.0649.03%22.61%2.10%
WeakspotWeakspot God / S+67.91+2.423.8353.30%27.72%11.88%
Whispers CrownWhispers Crown Bad / D32.05-8.304.4241.79%17.70%0.33%
Whispers HeartWhispers Heart Bad / D29.64-6.534.5538.98%16.59%0.84%
WindfallWindfall Weak / C42.57-1.604.0949.02%22.43%0.61%
Windfall+Windfall+ Weak / C43.92-1.514.1048.32%23.30%1.28%
Windfall++Windfall++ Fair / B45.82-2.094.0449.44%23.53%1.80%
Wise SpendingWise Spending Good / A51.12-0.213.9350.84%27.80%1.73%
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