TFT Hyper Roll Item Stats Set 7 Patch 12.12

We've compiled all of the available information, stats, and data on every item in the League of Legends game Teamfight Tactics Hyper Roll Set 7: Dragonlands. Use the table below to view the following for each item: score, trends, average placement, top 4 rate, win rate, and pick rate. Quickly visualize how the items stack up against each other to help make the best decision on in-game purchases and give yourself an advantage during TFT Hyper Roll games.

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All RanksAll Ranks
ItemTierScoreTrendAvg PlaceTop 4 %Win %Pick %
Archangel's StaffArchangel's Staff Good / A49.88-0.394.0359.55%13.03%2.85%
Assassin EmblemAssassin Emblem Fair / B48.52-1.714.2355.69%13.02%0.33%
Banshee's ClawBanshee's Claw Strong / S52.19+0.073.7266.02%16.25%1.42%
BloodthirsterBloodthirster Good / A50.02-0.554.0359.84%13.61%2.80%
Blue BuffBlue Buff Fair / B48.99-0.184.1557.31%12.15%2.60%
Bramble VestBramble Vest Good / A50.55+0.353.9660.77%14.57%2.28%
Cavalier EmblemCavalier Emblem Good / A51.43-0.203.9260.75%15.89%0.38%
Chalice of PowerChalice of Power Strong / S52.05-0.003.7465.33%16.55%1.59%
DeathbladeDeathblade Good / A50.28-0.553.9761.07%13.31%1.58%
Dragon's ClawDragon's Claw Fair / B49.79-0.144.0459.13%13.03%2.40%
Dragonmancer EmblemDragonmancer Emblem Bad / D44.13+2.144.5848.30%10.43%0.80%
Edge of NightEdge of Night Good / A51.71-0.233.7865.05%15.33%1.33%
Frozen HeartFrozen Heart Strong / S51.81-0.193.7965.11%14.68%1.90%
Gargoyle StoneplateGargoyle Stoneplate Good / A50.13-0.194.0360.00%13.18%2.98%
Giant SlayerGiant Slayer Good / A50.77-0.543.9261.47%15.07%2.88%
Guardian EmblemGuardian Emblem Fair / B48.30-1.144.1657.23%11.70%0.37%
Guinsoo's RagebladeGuinsoo's Rageblade Fair / B49.83-0.494.1058.27%12.82%5.81%
Hand Of JusticeHand Of Justice Good / A50.55-0.533.9461.30%14.11%2.59%
Hextech GunbladeHextech Gunblade Good / A50.57-0.293.9361.37%14.23%2.52%
Infinity EdgeInfinity Edge Fair / B49.62-0.244.1057.96%13.29%4.22%
Ionic SparkIonic Spark Strong / S52.29+0.333.7265.88%15.96%1.83%
Jeweled GauntletJeweled Gauntlet Fair / B49.52-0.084.0858.56%12.60%3.05%
Last WhisperLast Whisper Good / A50.38-0.283.9761.21%14.26%1.52%
Locket of the Iron SolariLocket of the Iron Solari Strong / S51.75-0.113.7564.54%15.82%1.43%
Mage EmblemMage Emblem Bad / D42.29-5.014.7943.07%11.30%1.18%
Mirage EmblemMirage Emblem Weak / C46.52-0.064.3752.19%12.27%0.57%
MorellonomiconMorellonomicon Good / A50.80+0.023.9062.44%14.05%1.78%
QuicksilverQuicksilver Good / A50.73-0.723.9261.73%15.28%2.01%
Rabadon's DeathcapRabadon's Deathcap Fair / B49.84+0.124.0359.79%13.15%2.08%
Ragewing EmblemRagewing Emblem Bad / D43.10+0.054.6946.37%8.62%0.49%
Rapid FirecannonRapid Firecannon Good / A50.38-0.103.9561.98%12.73%1.57%
RedemptionRedemption Good / A51.08-0.313.8662.97%14.33%1.95%
Runaan's HurricaneRunaan's Hurricane Good / A51.05-0.373.8563.34%14.13%1.70%
Shimmerscale EmblemShimmerscale Emblem Bad / D41.17+0.724.8941.51%9.20%0.34%
Shroud of StillnessShroud of Stillness Strong / S52.75-0.133.6267.44%17.09%1.02%
Spear of ShojinSpear of Shojin Fair / B49.31-0.154.1457.38%13.01%3.62%
Statikk ShivStatikk Shiv Good / A51.30-0.223.8563.20%14.94%2.84%
Sunfire CapeSunfire Cape Strong / S51.73+0.073.8363.60%15.41%3.35%
Tactician's CrownTactician's Crown Strong / S51.72-0.303.7762.44%19.01%0.25%
Thief's GlovesThief's Gloves Good / A50.66-0.213.9460.90%15.81%2.65%
Titan's ResolveTitan's Resolve Good / A50.39-0.523.9660.54%14.44%2.77%
Warmog's ArmorWarmog's Armor Fair / B49.79-0.644.0659.26%12.33%3.50%
Zeke's HeraldZeke's Herald Strong / S52.99-0.203.6267.77%17.17%2.24%
ZephyrZephyr Good / A51.48-0.043.8063.96%15.87%1.29%
Zz'Rot PortalZz'Rot Portal Good / A50.99-0.083.8862.94%14.68%0.84%
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