TFT Hyper Roll Item Stats Set 6 Patch 12.1 TR

We've compiled all of the available information, stats, and data on every item in the League of Legends game Teamfight Tactics Hyper Roll Set 6: Gizmos & Gadgets. Use the table below to view the following for each item: score, trends, average placement, top 4 rate, win rate, and pick rate. Quickly visualize how the items stack up against each other to help make the best decision on in-game purchases and give yourself an advantage during TFT Hyper Roll games.

ItemTierScoreTrendAvg PlaceTop 4 %Win %Pick %
Academy EmblemAcademy Emblem Fair / B46.83-0.320.3260.39%15.87%1.24%
Arcanist EmblemArcanist Emblem Fair / B48.57+1.180.1157.59%15.47%1.97%
Archangel's StaffArchangel's Staff Strong / S55.45+0.210.0957.94%13.38%4.19%
Assassin EmblemAssassin Emblem Weak / C44.43-0.450.0755.78%13.25%0.95%
Banshee's ClawBanshee's Claw Fair / B48.81-0.310.5364.87%15.60%1.57%
BloodthirsterBloodthirster Strong / S53.79-1.400.2158.00%12.23%3.76%
Blue BuffBlue Buff God / S+57.67+0.650.0757.49%13.44%4.92%
Bramble VestBramble Vest Strong / S54.39-0.430.2358.47%13.69%3.83%
Chalice of PowerChalice of Power Good / A50.43+0.510.5265.85%17.08%1.90%
Challenger EmblemChallenger Emblem Weak / C44.66-0.87-0.0753.10%9.69%1.40%
Chemtech EmblemChemtech Emblem Fair / B46.01-1.290.2659.30%14.35%1.14%
DeathbladeDeathblade Fair / B48.66+0.110.2559.95%12.45%2.03%
Dragon's ClawDragon's Claw Strong / S54.35-0.040.3160.39%15.04%3.62%
Frozen HeartFrozen Heart Good / A51.60-0.460.4864.00%15.24%2.51%
Gargoyle StoneplateGargoyle Stoneplate Strong / S56.38-0.790.2358.89%13.25%4.45%
Giant SlayerGiant Slayer Strong / S55.06-0.550.3060.87%14.95%3.79%
Guardian AngelGuardian Angel Good / A50.33+0.000.3662.91%15.20%2.20%
Guinsoo's RagebladeGuinsoo's Rageblade God / S+58.07-1.180.1157.06%11.83%5.17%
Hand Of JusticeHand Of Justice Good / A52.29-1.320.3161.66%14.45%2.92%
Hextech GunbladeHextech Gunblade Good / A51.39-0.480.2060.00%13.28%2.81%
Imperial EmblemImperial Emblem Bad / D42.09+1.63-0.0753.86%10.57%0.51%
Infinity EdgeInfinity Edge God / S+62.75-0.160.0956.57%13.06%6.57%
Ionic SparkIonic Spark Good / A51.63-0.540.5465.90%16.43%2.31%
Jeweled GauntletJeweled Gauntlet Strong / S57.38-0.760.0957.70%12.96%4.85%
Last WhisperLast Whisper Strong / S53.54+0.770.3461.54%15.18%3.28%
Locket of the Iron SolariLocket of the Iron Solari Fair / B48.67+0.040.5465.47%14.43%1.56%
MorellonomiconMorellonomicon God / S+57.74+2.760.2561.28%16.54%4.49%
Mutant EmblemMutant Emblem Fair / B45.74-0.78-0.1651.35%11.62%1.17%
QuicksilverQuicksilver Fair / B47.89-0.270.4563.76%14.72%1.41%
Rabadon's DeathcapRabadon's Deathcap Good / A53.31+0.430.1459.56%13.47%3.43%
Rapid FirecannonRapid Firecannon Good / A49.98+1.060.2860.20%13.97%2.34%
RedemptionRedemption Good / A50.90+0.140.4864.12%15.92%2.25%
Runaan's HurricaneRunaan's Hurricane Strong / S55.70+1.340.3060.55%13.68%4.10%
Shroud of StillnessShroud of Stillness Fair / B48.84+0.370.6667.27%18.18%1.26%
Spear of ShojinSpear of Shojin Strong / S53.43-1.300.0957.48%12.63%3.65%
Statikk ShivStatikk Shiv Good / A53.39+0.200.4364.18%15.57%3.02%
Sunfire CapeSunfire Cape God / S+57.67-1.880.3561.09%14.48%4.63%
Syndicate EmblemSyndicate Emblem Fair / B46.98+0.720.3960.73%20.11%1.01%
Tactician's CrownTactician's Crown Weak / C44.96-0.610.6064.01%20.03%0.17%
Thief's GlovesThief's Gloves Good / A51.67-0.680.2659.91%15.00%2.82%
Titan's ResolveTitan's Resolve Strong / S54.59-0.660.2859.97%13.48%3.80%
Warmog's ArmorWarmog's Armor God / S+60.49-0.950.2158.85%12.86%5.75%
Zeke's HeraldZeke's Herald Good / A50.02-0.680.6666.90%16.89%1.72%
ZephyrZephyr Good / A48.89+0.100.3861.67%14.46%1.87%
Zz'Rot PortalZz'Rot Portal Fair / B45.22-0.120.2859.98%12.76%0.95%